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With the OnePlus 12, OnePlus and Pixelworks collaborate to improve the mobile gaming experience

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On January 23, OnePlus is set to release the much anticipated OnePlus 12 smartphone. To enhance the upcoming OnePlus 12 with the Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor and IRX gaming experience, the business has partnered with Pixelworks, a renowned developer of visual processing technologies.

Through this partnership, the cutting-edge visual display processing technology from Pixelworks will be utilized to improve mobile gaming. It is anticipated that the Pixelworks X7 processor will enhance internal graphics processing algorithms, offering powerful rendering powers and enhanced visual quality for an immersive gaming environment.

Android Smartphones Can Now Enjoy Immersive Gaming Thanks to Pixelworks IRX Technology

With the goal of surpassing conventional rendering methods, Pixelworks launched the IRX gaming experience brand for mobile devices in July 2023. With an immersive experience that surpasses even that of iOS flagship smartphones, it delivers fast frame rates, high resolutions, and rich visuals without using excessive amounts of power thanks to Pixelworks’ rendering acceleration technology.

The ten years of experience Pixelworks has gained in developing mobile visual processors forms the basis of the IRX gaming experience. Together with performance and image quality tweaking services catered to different game material, their proprietary rendering acceleration technology guarantees the best possible images. There are two types of the service: end-to-end gaming experience tuning and device tuning. Pixelworks provides manufacturers with IRX technology certification so that devices can maximize the rendering acceleration solution.

In addition to offering excellent gaming experiences, device manufacturers with IRX certification can join the IRX ecosystem, which brings together OEMs, developers, and players. Gamers find these devices more appealing because of this ecosystem’s advantages, which include a developing content platform and better support from game creators.

Pixelworks IRX Technology

OnePlus’ HyperRendering Feature for Smooth Gaming is powered by Pixelworks

The Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor, which OnePlus and Pixelworks jointly developed to optimize visuals, is integrated into the OnePlus 12 and makes gaming on OnePlus smartphones more enjoyable. This technology intelligently increases frame rates for smoother motion by analyzing game content in real time.

Especially on high-resolution monitors, objects become clearer thanks to sophisticated sharpening algorithms. It increases contrast and color gamut by utilizing Pixelworks’ HDR technology, which gives game pictures a more dynamic look. By prioritizing power efficiency, HyperRendering improves GPU performance for extended gaming sessions without degrading battery life. Put another way, it makes it possible for the OnePlus 12 to have features like intelligent real-time color calibration, ultra-low 10ms latency, smooth animation at 120 frames per second, and 2K super-resolution.

Notably, the OnePlus 12, which debuted in China in December and sports the state-of-the-art Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, is presently leading AnTuTu’s list of the best-performing smartphones. This achievement demonstrates the OnePlus 12’s extremely powerful hardware, which can operate at optimal levels for prolonged periods of time because of its enormous 9,140mm³ vapor chamber, which regulates the device’s temperature. The full gaming capabilities of this hardware in gaming scenarios will be unlocked with the Pixelworks X7 Independent Visual Processor and IRX gaming experience.

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