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Unidentified Google Pixel smartphone with 4942mAh battery that was seen with UL Demko certification

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Google is developing a number of forthcoming smartphones actively. These consist of the much awaited Pixel Fold 2, the flagship Google Pixel 9 series, and the Pixel 8a.

Leaked retail packaging for the Pixel 8a has already given us a peek of its design, and renders of the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro have also surfaced, revealing the company’s unique design language for the next generation of smartphones. There’s a new component in the mix now.

Google Pixel GH2MB certified by UL Demko

On the UL Demko certification page, a future Google smartphone with the model number GH2MB has been observed. The certification attests to the device’s inclusion of a 4,942mAh rated battery, which is probably going to be sold as roughly 5,000mAh.

This mysterious device’s battery life suggests that it might not be the more affordable Pixel 8a. Its dimensions are more in line with what is anticipated in terms of battery capacity for the flagship Pixel 9 series, especially the Pro models.

Google Pixel GH2MB certified by UL Demko

Given the demanding form shape of a foldable phone, a larger battery would make sense, thus it’s also plausible that this certification has something to do with the Pixel Fold 2. However, the listing is vague about the specific gadget. In the near future, additional certifications ought to clarify the real identity and technical details of the GH2MB.

Related to Pixel news, a new Tensor chipset has been detected on Geekbench. This chipset is probably the Tensor G4. The forthcoming Google Pixel 9 series and Pixel Fold 2 may be powered by this processor.

On the other hand, the Tensor G3 has nine cores, while the SoC has eight, according to the Geekbench listing. Furthermore, it appears to function a little bit worse than the previous model.

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Pavan Rajput
Pavan Rajput
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