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Regarding AI governance, Larry Summers calls OpenAI technology “extraordinarily important.”

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Online rumors have recently surfaced regarding Larry Summers’ appointment to the board of artificial intelligence startup OpenAI, citing the company’s work as “extraordinarily important.” Harvard University’s Charles W. Eliot Professor and Emeritus President is Larry Summers. The news went viral on numerous social media sites as soon as it was posted online.

The importance of OpenAI functioning as a “corporation with a conscience” was emphasized by Larry Summers. According to the story, Larry Summers discussed regulatory challenges, national security issues, and the advancement of technology with important government officials on Bloomberg Television’s Wall Street Week.

The declarations include details regarding Summers’ position at the Silicon Valley business as an ex-US Treasury Secretary. He formally joined OpenAl’s board last week following a tumultuous leadership fight that attracted Silicon Valley’s attention.

According to reports, CEO Sam Altman was fired by the board on Friday, November 17, 2023, but he was later reinstated when an agreement was reached. Later, a majority of the board that supported Altman’s acquittal resigned, making room for Summers and former co-CEO of Salesforce Inc. Bret Taylor to take over. In response to a question concerning his plan for ensuring secure governance of the company, Summers said, “I have been on the job for two days,” adding that he expected to receive his onboarding packet this weekend.

OpenAI technology

Summers already has seats on a few tech boards, including those for Skillsoft Corp., a software company, and Block Inc., Jack Dorsey’s payments company. Although he was named an adviser to the formidable venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in 2011, he has not been directly involved in any of the company’s most recent investments.

In between, he served as president of Harvard University, worked as a financial advisor in the Obama administration, and oversaw the Treasury Department in the Clinton administration. He has provided Bloomberg Television with paid contributions. The focus of the few remarks made regarding Al has been the effect on labor.

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