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Launched in China for $42, the Metaphyuni Metapanda P1 Pro Max gaming mouse with PAW3395

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With a 4KHz polling rate, Metaphyuni has released the Metapanda P1 Pro Max gaming mouse in China. It is now priced at 299 yuan ($42) when it is purchased on JD.com. Let’s examine its main specifications.

Specifications of the Metapanda P1 Pro Max:

The PAW3395 sensor, a high-performance optical sensor that can enable 50G acceleration, 650 IPS tracking speed, and positioning accuracy of up to 26000 DPI, makes this device stand out. Its accurate and responsive performance is enhanced by these qualities, which make it perfect for competitive gaming.

Metapanda P1 Pro Max

The gaming mouse makes use of Broadcom’s Nordic 52840 primary control chip, which guarantees lag-free connectivity. Additionally, it has the renowned Kailh White Blade microswitches, which have a lifespan of 100 million clicks and ensure a trustworthy and long-lasting user experience.

The ability to use a 4KHz polling rate is one of the major improvements in this version. This allows for a maximum polling rate of 4000Hz when the mouse is utilized with the Metapanda 4K receiver. With this capability, users can adjust the transmission speed to 0.25 ms and select from several configurable settings between 125Hz and 4000Hz.

The Metapanda P1 Pro Max’s design makes it incredibly lightweight and manageable, especially in competitive gaming situations. It weighs approximately 65 grams.

Its physical dimensions are L122.95xW65.09xH40.98mm, which means that hands ranging from medium to large can use it. It has an ergonomic shape for a comfortable grip and comes in Black and White color variants. The mouse’s comfort and usability are further improved with the addition of Metaphyuni’s IP anti-slip grips.

Another advantage of this gadget is its long battery life. With its 500mAh battery, it may be used for up to 130 hours between charges.

It has three connection modes that enable flexible use with various devices and situations: a wired Type-C connection, a 2.4G wireless option, and Bluetooth 5.1. Wide range of usability is ensured by the mouse’s compatibility with Windows, Mac/iOS, and Android platforms.

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