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Prices for the Galaxy S24 Series are Known, and Samsung Lowers Prices to Take on the iPhone

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The release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is rapidly approaching. On January 17, the firm will present the next generation of flagship smartphones at the Unpacked event. Like previous series, this year’s collection will have three models. Follow satiknews for latest updates.

The Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ (Plus), and Galaxy S24 Ultra. These phones will undoubtedly rank among the best Android choices out there. But given the state of the economy, buyers are more interested in pricing than features these days. Fortunately, information regarding the anticipated cost of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series has surfaced thanks to a recent leak.

Price of the Galaxy S24 Series Announced

The Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ (Plus), and Galaxy S24 Ultra pricing in Europe have been made public. The starting pricing of the company’s future flagship models is expected to be 83,209(INR). The entry-level S24 Ultra model will cost 1,45,269(INR), whereas this pricing is for the base model with 128 GB. There will also be a 1TB variant of the phone, however its cost is still unknown.

To put it simply, the iPhone 15 with 128 GB of storage cost, on average, €945, when it was first released in Europe. The 15 Plus costs 97,094(INR), the 15 Pro costs 1,15,623(INR), and the 15 Pro Max costs 1,34,118(INR). In order to better compete with Apple, it appears that Samsung has lowered pricing when comparing, particularly for the base model.

Furthermore, these assertions become more credible in light of the S23’s beginning price of 87,837(INR) from the previous year. As you are aware, the business has long had difficulties with flagship sales. Competitive pricing, though, is anticipated to alter this circumstance.

  • Galaxy S24 128 GB: 83,215 INR
  • Galaxy S24 256 GB: 88,769 INR
  • Galaxy S24+ 256 GB: 1,06,357 INR
  • Galaxy S24+ 512 GB: 1,17,464 INR
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 256 GB: 1,34,126 INR
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra 512 GB: 1,45,234 INR
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