Wednesday, February 8, 2023

ZMI Dreame Hair Dryer with a 130,000rpm high-speed motor launched

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In China, ZMI has introduced the Dreame Hair Dryer. With its high-speed mechanism, the device can complete some drying jobs in just 30 seconds. The highest speed high-speed motor in the sector is used, at 130,000 rpm. According to ZMI, short hair can be dried in 30 seconds and shoulder-length hair can be dried in three minutes without overheating.

The ZMI Dreame Hair Dryer boasts a cutting-edge flow channel design that enables it to quickly evaporate the moisture on the hair using its strong motor and high wind speed. A temperature buildup that could harm the hair while drying is also prevented by its design. A better hair drying experience and minimal noise operation are important priorities for the Dreame Hair Dryer. The new hair dryer also uses the NTC intelligent constant temperature technology, which guarantees ideal temperature management.  Follow Our website for the latest updates.

ZMI Dreame Hair Dryer with a 130,000rpm high-speed motor launched
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The negative ion emitter and high-speed airflow of the ZMI Dreame Hair Dryer work together to quickly soften hair. The hair dryer is portable and simple to operate. It can rotate 360 degrees and has a magnetic suction nozzle.  For the latest news, follow us on Google News.

In China, the ZMI Dreame Hair Dryer is offered for pre-order at a cost of 699 yuan ($101). The device’s global availability and price have not yet been disclosed.

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