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You Should Avoid the Dangerous “Turkey Teeth” TikTok Trend Due to the Reasons Given – SatikNews

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Numerous well-known people are participating in the most recent trend in the cosmetics inasdustry. Including celebrities like Katie Worth and Jack Fincham from Love Island. It primarily comprises filing down enamel until it is the size of a peg. Then replacing it with crowns or veneers.

The procedure, which is being promoted on social media with the hashtag #Turkeyteeth, is said to give patients the smile. Hollywood star and has been adopted by a current trend that is being followed by millions of people. Continue your studies to grasp every last component.

You Should Avoid the Dangerous "Turkey Teeth" TikTok Trend Due to the Reasons Given - SatikNews

The “Turkey Enamel” TikTok trend should be avoided at all costs due to these reasons

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The Turkey Enamel hashtag has been used more than 130 million times on TikTok alone. This indicates that the cosmetic procedure known as Turkey Enamel has become a popular trend on all social media sites. But where did this sample initially appear?

It all started with a female who travelled to Turkey to have her enamel fixed. Who later stated on her TikTok account that making. The trip to Turkey for the procedure had been the worst decision of her whole life. A woman by the name of Lisa Martyn took advantage of the opportunity to discuss her struggles, while also enticing people to conduct. Their own research and give remedy some serious consideration.

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In more specific terms, Lisa traveled to Turkey a year ago to have 26 veneers—thin shells that are positioned aroundhas teeth. That has been lightly lowered down—applied in the hopes of achieving a perfect smile in time for her son’s wedding. She didn’t learn that she had received crowns until after a few months had passed.

Her dentist in Turkey removed 60–70% of the natural tooth before cementing a tooth cap to her enamel, leaving no fangs or stubs.

Dentists in the UK Have Concerns About This Obstacle

Turkey, one of the most popular countries for people looking for new teeth. Where the operation is most frequently carried out. However, sixty to seventy percent of the patients’ natural enamel must be filed down to the size of fangs or stubs in order to receive the replacement enamel.

This is before a tooth cap is bonded on top of it. The patient has the option of choosing the tooth cap’s shape, material, and colour; however, the vast majority of patients opt for a smile that is bright white and symmetrical.

Due to the dental treatment Lisa received in Turkey. She has suffered from ongoing nerve sensitivity and terrible pain for the past 10 months. She lost about 12.7 kg as a result of being unable to eat properly and being dependent on medications for an extended period of time.

She recalls how the pain led to an infection and an abscess that nearly caused her to lose the ability to move half of her face. [Reference required] The initial procedure in Turkey cost her 3,500 euros. But the corrective care she could receive in a private practise, which could involve two rounds of root canal surgery, will cost her more than 2,000 euros.

Dentists in the UK are currently warning people about the risks as a result. This incident after hearing horrifying reports of patients’ enamel eroding and dying while also going through excruciating pain. In these situations, crowns are typically substituted for veneers.

They’ve warned people again about the dangers of travelling abroad. Get a new smile, saying that anyone could experience anything similar to what happened to Lisa.

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