Friday, March 24, 2023

Xiaomi releases the Xiaomi MIJIA Sweeping and Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S

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The Xiaomi MIJIA robotic vacuum cleaner has been introduced in China. It can also mop floors. The latest MIJIA Sweeping and Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S has automatic water loading and unloading. As soon as the cleaning agent is inserted in the cleaning base, it can be dispersed automatically. Follow more updates on

Specification & features of Xiaomi MIJIA

For a variety of cleaning jobs, the MIJIA sweeping and mopping robot includes a 4kPa fan and a 4-speed suction mode. It has a camera and an AI graphics system to accurately determine the kind of room. For each room, users can also select a customised cleaning schedule. In some cleaning conditions, the robot raises the mop on its own to improve cleaning and prevent dust contamination.

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To avoid odour and humidity, the Xiaomi MIJIA sweeping and mopping robot vacuum cleaner uses hot air drying after each usage. It can deliver hot air for up to two hours to effectively dry the machine. To offer specialised cleaning solutions in a secure home setting, the cleaning robot can be integrated into the Xiaomi MIJIA smart home ecosystem.

In China, pre-orders for the MIJIA 1S sweeping and mopping robot vacuum cleaner have begun at an initial price of 3,999 yuan ($561). There are currently no information on the device’s global availability. The gadget can be a crucial smart home accessory for always keeping your house immaculate. Xiaomi hasn’t made a big out of its range or battery life.

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