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Wilson Gonzalez: Who Is He? Meet the King of Stonks Cast

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Since 1999, Wilson Gonzale, the actor, has participated in almost 20 films. He may be seen in the King of Stonks collection teaser that Netflix is currently releasing. The actor from 32 years ago shouldn’t be the only actor. He’ll also do voice work. He performed as a speaker and voice actor in The Ugly Duckling and Me! (2006).

Wilson Gonzalez of King of Stonks: Who Is He?

Wilson Gonzalez, a German actor who currently calls California, the United States, home, will be attending a painting school there in October 2006 and studying cinema. He rose to stardom through very different films, and he received quite distinct accolades: Diva Award-Talent Of The Year (2009), Steiger Award (2008), UNdine Award-Beste Nebenrolle (2008), and Undine Award-Best Debut (2007) (2004). Follow for latest updates.

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On June 6, 2022, at noon, his current collection “King of Stonks” will premiere on Netflix. The collection, which focuses on a story of forbidden love, will guide the plot of Felix Armand, a computer programmer. Since Netflix introduced the German selection, viewers have been checking to see how the story unfolds.

Wilson Gonzalez’s partner

Wilson Gonzalez doesn’t seem to be dating anyone; he is single. He keeps his romantic life private from the majority of people. The well-known actor has kept the identity of his girlfriend a secret. He appears to be uninterested in beginning a relationship at this time and is focused on his job.

Wilson Gonzalez Family

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On March 18, 1990, in Munich, West Germany, Wilson was born. The well-known actor the oldest of actress Natascha Ochsenknecht and actor Uwe Ochsenknecht’s children, and he was raised in an acting household. Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, the voice actor’s brother, is also an actor best known for The Wild Guys 4 (2008), Die Wilden Kerle: Alles ist gut, Solange du wild beast! (2003), and The Wild Soccer Bunch 5 (2008). (2007). In 1991, on December 27, Jimi was born.

He started performing at a young age, much like his brother and wasn’t just inspired by their father. Alongside his father and younger brother but he made appearances in the films Enlightenment Guaranteed (1999), Die Wilden Kerle: Alles ist good, Solange du wild beast! (2003), and Die Wilden Kerle 2. (2005).

The famous actor a younger sister named Cheyenne Ochsenknecht, who is also an actress and is well known for the 2018 film Just Push Abuba, Mein Bester Streich. 2019 releases Prominent & Reingelegt and Alles Nick! (2006). Her birthday is January 13, 2000.

Wilson Gonzalez’s Net Worth

Wilson Gonzalez has a $2–3 million–dollar net worth. The entertainment industry provides the majority of King of Stonks’ significant revenue. His entire family benefits financially from the leisure business. They all make a nice living in the film industry together.

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