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Why is Erika Jayne being sued by Christina Fulton? Nicolas Cage’s ex-wife sues a TV celebrity for $700,000

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On Friday, July 15, the actress filed a lawsuit against the “Actual Housewives of Beverly Hills” star seeking more than $700,000. Following nearly 20 years of marriage, the “Actual Housewives of Beverly Hills” star filed for divorce from Girardi in 2020, according to shocking court records uncovered by Web page Six. John Kelley Courtney and Samantha Gold, two former coworkers of Girardi’s, are also charged with stealing Christina Fulton settlement money following a car accident in 2016 in which the mother of one sustained “serious injuries.”Christina Fulton hired Girardi & Keese after the accident, and they eventually assisted her in obtaining a $924,300 personal settlement. According to the report, Courtney was the lead attorney on the case, and Gold served as Fulton’s key legal representative.

Why is Erika Jayne being sued by Christina Fulton? | SatikNews
Why is Erika Jayne being sued by Christina Fulton? | SatikNews

Girardi, though, was at the time the agency’s owner and controlling member. Due to his legal problems, he was diagnosed with dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease in March 2021. According to Fulton’s lawsuit. She found last month through recently obtained financial records that her settlement money had been deposited into a Girardi & Keese checking account without her knowledge. Because Christina Fulton had not signed the check and had not consented to its deposit. The claim claimed that this was a forgery.

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According to the lawsuit, the test that was agreed upon was false and made up. The test was never accepted as true, and it was never cashed. It is alarming and false that the company attempted to conceal the arrival of the test and omitted to request. Ms. Fulton’s signature despite being required to do so by law. The actress has only received a $5,000 advance and $190,000 of her remuneration to this point. She requires the remaining $744,300 of her steadiness.

Using her company, EJ International, Fulton claims. She learned that her money had been “diverted” to the singer before being sent to Fairly Mess Inc. Jayne gets involved in the case as a result of this. Fulton claims in the complaint that she believes her funds were used to support Jayne and her ex-“lavish husband’s way of life.” Before discussing the $25 million sent to EJ International. Which is still being maintained by the State of California, the lawsuit claimed that the money was joint property. According to other information. Erika utilized the money to pay off her debts, and Girardi & Keese at least partially covered all of her expenses.

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Ronald Richards, one of Fulton’s attorneys. Told Web page Six that his client trusted Erika and Tom much like a lot of other people in Hollywood. He added that the public perceived the previous couple as a pair that worked hard for achievement and fortune. Richards said that Erika benefited from the funds used to create content for the Housewives show. Which she was compensated, and made a low-ball offer to buy Girardis’ old Pasadena property. He said that she immediately paid distributors. With the money from his consumer’s settlement and that she gained directly from this.

He declared that Tom Girardi should be the main subject of attention, as well as, if the evidence supports it. The lawyers, accountants, and bankers who approved of his unethical behavior and legal violations. Jayne has also been implicated in a $5 million fraud case and a $50 million racketeering case in addition to this one. The first mention of Jayne and her ex-husband was made in Edelson PC’s December 2020 class action complaint. About $2 million in compensation funds for victims of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 tragedy. Which all 189 people on board perished, they were accused of fraud and theft. She was removed from the Illinois case against Girardi that had been going on since January.

Jayne has always insisted that she is innocent and claimed on her Bravo reality show that she is being “dragged through the muck.” Girardi has dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, thus he resides in a nursing home. His brother Robert placed him under a conservator’s care in July 2021.

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