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Why Did Pavel Antov Die? Pavel Antov, a Russian lawmaker, was discovered dead in an Odisha Hotel

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Here, we’d like to break the terrible and startling news that prominent Russian politician and philanthropist Pavel Antov recently passed away. He is no longer in his immediate family and passed away on Sunday, December 25, 2022. News of his passing spread quickly on numerous social media platforms when it was posted online.

His passing is currently being lamented across social media, and many people are eager to learn more about Pavel Antov and his cause of death. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Pavel Antov?

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The politician and philanthropist Pavel Antov was reportedly found dead in a hotel in the Rayagada neighbourhood. The multi-millionaire had been enjoying his 65th birthday while on holiday in the Rayagada area of Odisha. He was reportedly discovered dead after falling out of a hotel window on the third floor, according to the police. According to reports, this is the second death of a Russian legislator that has occurred at the same hotel in the past week.

Pavel Antov Cause of Death

According to Superintendent of Police Vivekananda Sharma, who has been looking into Antov’s death, the body was cremated on Monday with the family’s consent. Pavel was 65 years old when he was found dead, and he passed away on Sunday, December 25, 2022. On the Telegram channel, Vice Speaker of the Regional Parliament Vyancjeslav Kartukhin confirmed the news, saying, “Our coworker, a successful businessman and philanthropist Pavel Antov passed away.

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Why Did Pavel Antov Die?

I send my sincere condolences to loved ones on behalf of the United Russia faction’s lawmakers. Please read the entire article since you have come to the appropriate place for more information about the news. As was previously mentioned, Pavel Antov has passed away. He was found dead on Sunday, December 25, 2022. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Since more news is available online and no one anticipated his death to be so violent, countless comments are making headlines online. Since the news of his dying spread, a lot of people have been surprised by it because it is the second death of a Russian politician in a week to occur at the same hotel. On social media, Pavel Antov has received a lot of tributes from users.

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