Friday, March 24, 2023

Why Did Dr. Nagarajan Die? Dr. Nagarajan, the president of AIIMS Madurai, died at 77

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We regret to report the passing of Dr. Nagarajan, President of the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) in Madurai, at the age of 77. Numerous official authorities have verified the sad news of his passing online. In a private hospital in Chennai, Nagarajan Ji reportedly experienced a heart arrest. In addition to serving as President, Dr. V. Nagarajan was a renowned neurologist who passed away on Friday, January 13, 2023. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Dr. Nagarajan?

Senior physicians at the Madurai Medical College said that Dr. V. Nagarajan was the well-known Chairman of the ethical committee at the Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) in Madurai and had just been named the president of AIIMS, Madurai. The doctor additionally held the position of Honorary Distinguished Professor at the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University. Everyone is grieved by the untimely death of Dr. V. Nagarajan, including his friends, colleagues, and family who were close to him in every circumstance. His demise was also announced via the AIIMS, MADURAI official Twitter account.

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Although we don’t know much about his personal or professional history, Dr. Nagarajan was a fantastic man and a great mentor who was always willing to help those in need. His entire family is experiencing hardship as a result of the death of a cherished member. A wonderful husband and father to a girl who will always love him, he was more than just a doctor.

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Dr. Nagarajan Cause of Death

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We regret to inform you of the unexpected loss of Dr. V, President of AIIMS Madurai. Nagarajan last Night,” the page says. For AIIMS, Madurai, it is a significant loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with the sad family. We fervently hope for the deceased Soul’s ultimate peace. In addition to his wife Mohanarani Nagarajan, Dr. V. Nagarajan also leaves behind his daughter Krithika Radhakrishnan and son-in-law J. Radhakrishnan, a senior IAF officer and the secretary of the government of Tamil Nadu’s Cooperation, Food and Consumer Protection Department. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Many celebrities and social professionals are paying tribute to him on social media using their handles. Hanumantha Rao, the executive director and CEO of AIIMS, offered his sincere sympathies and remarked that Dr. Nagarajan was a gentleman who was very kind and deeply interested in all of AIIMS’ growth endeavors.

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