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Why Did Dick Flavin Die? Obituary for Former WBZ-TV Journalist, Family

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The passing of former WBZ-TV journalist Dick Flavin was recently reported online. The “poet laureate of the Bosterd Red Sox” was a very well-known American poet. He is no longer with his loved ones, and his family is in our thoughts.

On Wednesday, at the age of 86, he breathed his last. Numerous replies have made headlines online since the news of his passing spread. Now, a lot of people are looking up his name on the internet because they want to know more about Dick Flavin and how he passed away. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Dick Flavin?

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Reportedly, He was born in Boston on December 7, 1936, and raised nearby in Quincy, Massachusetts. He finished his education at Stonehill College and Braintree’s Archbishop Williams High School. He took graduate-level radio and television classes at New York University. Numerous responses have been making headlines on the internet after his passing was announced. On social media, a lot of people have been paying tribute to him and sending heartfelt condolences to his family.

Dick Flavin Cause of Death

According to the source, Flavin, a well-known political pundit and television journalist, recently passed away at the age of 86.The news of his passing has been confirmed by his family. After falling on Sunday, he passed away at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, according to a statement from his daughter Leslie Flavin McCarthy. His daughter concurred, describing him as a true Renaissance man. At New York University, he attended graduate-level radio and television courses.

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All About Dick Flavin

Dick Flavin also wrote plays, was a former journalist for WBZ-TV, and served as the Boston Red Sox’s voice for a while. Before beginning his career in political reporting in 1970, he worked as a speechwriter, press secretary, and press spokesman for a number of Democratic lawmakers. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

He also spent more than 14 years working for WBZ-TV and received numerous Emmy awards. He had created a one-man play called “According to Tip” that was based on the biography of Tip O’Neill, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. He was a very accomplished individual who gained much recognition as a result of his finest work.

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