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Why did Borislav Devic die? Olympic Marathoner from Serbia Dies at 59

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It is very difficult to report that 59-year-old Serbian Olympic marathoner Borislav Devic passed away recently. He passed away on Sunday and is no longer among his close friends. Recently, news broke online, and it quickly gained popularity on social networking sites. His untimely passing has shocked and saddened his loved ones. Right now, his passing is being mourned across all social media platforms. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Borislav Devic?

The Serbian marathoner and track athlete Borislav Devic was skilled in a variety of middle-distance and long-distance events. In 1996, he competed for Yugoslavia in the Olympics. Gornje Biljan, a small village in Ravni Kotari, is where Devic was born. Devi was of Serbian descent, but none of his performances in international competition took place after Serbia and Montenegro’s constitution was enacted. He is an incredibly gifted and amazing individual who has gained a lot of respect for his best work.

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He was one of the best individuals who belonged to the Sokol from Vrbas, Zadar, Sarajevo, and Crvena Zvezda teams. His passing was recently announced online, and it quickly went viral on numerous social networking sites. On social media, a lot of people are expressing their condolences and paying tribute to him.

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Borislav Devic Cause of Death

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A very well-known athlete named Borislav Devi reportedly passed away recently at the age of 59. He had passed away on Sunday, January 8, 2023. Since the news of Borislav Devi’s passing spread, many people have been shocked by his unexpected death and are now eager to learn what caused it. After that protracted and cruel illness, Borislav Devi passed away. His loved ones are devastated by his sudden death, especially since the news of his passing has gone viral. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Yugoslavia was portrayed by Devic at the Summer Olympics in 1996. On rare occasions, his name appears as “Borisov” in some results lists. He began by specialising in the 1500 metres because he was raised in Kninska Krajina. He competed in the Summer Universiade in Zagreb in 1887.

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