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Who Were The All of the Japan Plane Crash Victims? Name Exposure!

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victims of the Japan Airlines crash: On Tuesday, January 2, 2023, an Airbus 30 operated by Japanese Airlines collided with a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft. The JAL aircraft departed from Sapporo’s Shin Chitose Airport and traveled to Haneda.

In a statement, Japanese Transport Minister Tetsue Saito stated that all 379 passengers on the JAL plane had been freed from the fire that was consuming the aircraft, but regrettably, five of the six crew members on the smaller aircraft had perished. The live video shows the plane skidding down the tarmac just before 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Japan Plane Crash Victims

They revealed how the passengers yelled and screamed as they exited the aircraft. The evacuation side was how they all got away. There were 14 injured, and 5 deaths were reported. The Japanese Airlines claimed that the injuries don’t appear to be extremely serious. This includes the 39-year-old Coast Guard captain, a fellow comrade who was the only one of the six crew members to survive!

The five members whose identities have been confirmed dead are still unknown. The condition of the aircraft and the total number of survivors up to this point are all unknown! The ministry told the media that the Japanese aircraft JAL was first making a routine effort to land when it collided with the Coast Guard’s Dash-8 maritime surveillance jet, which was produced by Bombardier. They noted that no engine issues or related issues were seen.

Safety Measures Challenges

A strong earthquake struck the west coast city of Niigata, Japan, on New Year’s Day. According to the Coast Guard, the plane was its route to Niigata to deliver supplies to the afflicted residents. Records state that at least 55 members perished in the earthquake.

Japan Plane Crash Victims

The jet had the right authorization before landing, the JAL representative told the media. The officer said that the inquiry into the exchanges with flight control is still ongoing.

Passengers stated in a state of turmoil that the center and rear doors would not open and that they were released from the front. After the landing, they continued, it was dark and the fire was at its peak of ferocity. A female passenger stated that she was losing hope of making it out of the aircraft because it was becoming too hot! But in just twenty minutes, every passenger was released!

The minister of transportation declared that until Haneda is closed, the police and aviation safety authorities would continue to look into the disaster. He further stated that it might open on Wednesday, January 3, 2023, or even earlier!

Japan takes great pride in its ability to save all of the passengers from the burning airliner and in aviation safety. Former National Transportation Safety Board member and CBS News transport safety analyst Robert Sumwalt told the media that the sidewall of the aircraft was constructed differently from the original design so that it would survive the fire. He went on to say that one of the main reasons the passengers survived today was the cabin of this new plane model.

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