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Who Was Osita Iheme’s Brother? Gunman Kills Him Injuring Imo State Commissioner, Find Out The Cause Of Death!

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It will be quite educational for all of you. Make sure you read this post through to the end because we will make sure to explain to you about this actor who is also known as Paw Paw. Recently, many have become anxious to know about him and about the Osita Iheme brother who was killed by a gunman. Let’s look at the incident’s specifics in more depth. Follow For More Updates at

Who Killed Osita Iheme’s Brother?

Everyone was rushing about when the police began shooting at the policemen, which, according to the reports, led to the death of one of the officers. They then began yelling, “Go home today, is it at home?” Because of this demonstration, Simon Ekpa’s demand was made for more than 5 days so that the people may remain in their homes. The director of the ipob responded to this protest with a number of comments.

Osita Iheme’s Brother Cause Of Death

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Speaking about Prince Iheme, he is the older brother of Osita Iheme, a Nollywood actor. He was reported dead as soon as this particular gunman appeared and started firing during a horrifying attack that happened in Obama, which is thought to be another hamlet in another state. That specific incident also resulted in the death of an officer.

Osita Iheme’s Brother Death Video

Iheme and Eke were the two individuals who were involved and were being killed by the shooter as they were attempting to enter their vehicles. An eye witness also appeared and stated that Mr. Eke was being had while Mr. Prince was being declared and short lived by the shooters. It was a brutal murder case referring to the commissioner so he also suffered several serious wounds. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Osita Iheme’s Brother: Obituary & Funeral

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and moved to the medical facility. A number of people showed up to pay him tribute on social media. This Friday afternoon, a gunman is reportedly enforcing a botched order to stay at home. No further details have been provided to us at this time, but we’re doing our best to keep you guys informed about this particular incident, which is gaining a lot of attention.

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