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Who Was Luz Raquel Padilla? Mexico 35 Years Old Woman Was Burnt Alive by Her Neighbours

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A horrifying occurrence occurred when neighbors in Zapopan, Mexico, burned a 35-year-old lady alive. Law enforcement learned about the incident, and they examined the entire site. After an inquiry, Luz Raquel Padilla was found to be one of the police officers. The entire incident took place on July 16, 2022. This horrifying news horrified everyone who heard about it and quickly spread around the Internet. Everyone in the town is outraged and calls for the woman to receive justice. Find out more about Luz Raquel’s background and what happened to her. Follow satknews.com for latest updates.

Who Was Luz Raquel Padilla?

According to the most recent reports, sources confirmed that the attackers doused the woman in alcohol before burning her. Later, the woman was taken to the hospital and treated. According to the medical records, the fire had a 90% impact on her body. Despite her best efforts, she eventually passed away from her serious wounds. The police force is currently looking into the case and locating all suspects. Including those involved in such a terrible crime. The authorities also declared that they will find the offenders and punish them severely.

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The complaint against her neighbors also came under the scrutiny of the investigative team. In May of the current year, her neighbors spray-painted death threats on the walls of her flat. She also told police enforcement that she planned to attack and post to the well-known video-sharing website. The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office is in charge of the investigating team. Which is working to sort out the case according to femicide protocol. Additionally, they are aware of the complaint the victim made against. Her neighbor due to ongoing noise a few months before the attack.

Who Was Luz Raquel Padilla? Mexico 35 Years Old Woman Was Burnt Alive by Her Neighbours

Why Burnt Mexico 35 Years Old Woman?

The investigating team is also attempting to determine whether or not the assailant was already present at the scene of Padilla’s attack. Luis Joaqun Méndez, the state prosecutor, brought a neighbour of Padilla at a hearing and told them. That Padilla had a boy who was being raised by his grandfather and aunt.

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According to reports, her son has severe autism and makes loud screams. When he is in pain that could annoy the neighbours. On the other hand, the woman had an issue with. Them because they were playing loud music that was inappropriate for her son and that triggered her son. Stay connected with Social Telecast until then and we will get back to you with further details.

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