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Who was Jennifer Angel? Death Reason

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She was dragged 50 feet after being caught in the Gateway car’s door. Although no one has been apprehended as of yet, the investigation is ongoing, and the police have been pleading with anyone who may have information about the incident to get in touch with the OPD Criminal Investigation Division at (510) 238-3326. Jennifer Angel family members have lost a member of their own family, and they are utterly upset. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Jennifer Angel?

We are sending our sincere sympathy and condolences to Jennifer Angel entire family members as we are aware that this is a difficult time for them and they are dealing with many issues. According to the resources and information, Jennifer’s loved ones and close ones have also set up a go find me page so that they can manage the costs of her funeral during this difficult time. If you are one of those people who would like to donate, you can also go to the website.

Jennifer Angel Cause of Death

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This particular incident and robbery occurred close to the parking lot at Wells Fargo on Webster between 20th and 21 streets and when a person came up who was the employee that the shop owner was the victim, the thief blocked her car and then they were smashing in her passenger side window and they wanted to steal and robber everything that was inside her car. Unfortunately, she was unable to flee, despite her best efforts.

So let us be clear that she was involved in and being dragged by suspects during a robbery. After that, she was immediately transported to the nearby hospital as she was suffering from serious injuries. More recently, Jennifer’s family and friends came out with a statement saying that they believed in a world where everyone is capable of living a dignified and joyful life and striving for an ecologically sustainable future.

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