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Who was Grayson Arroyo-Smiley? Death Reason

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Michelle Arroyo posted the terrible news of her son’s loss on social media on Tuesday, February 7. Slade Smiley, a cast member of the well-liked reality series “Real Housewives of Orange County,” was the father of Grayson Arroyo-Smiley. On Sunday, February 5, the 22-year-old went away, leaving a lot of people in sadness. Follow For More Updates at satiknews.com

Who was Grayson Arroyo-Smiley?

At the age of 6, he received a diagnosis of diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma, an incurable brain tumour, and over the years, he underwent numerous operations and chemotherapy treatments. Grayson had an optimistic outlook and a zest for life despite the difficulties he encountered. He constantly looked for ways to find joy in the little things.

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Despite the difficulties he encountered in his life, Grayson was a young guy with a positive outlook who always had a smile on his face. He was a fighter and an inspiration to everyone he met, according to Michelle.

Grayson Arroyo-Smiley Death Reason

Michelle was shocked to learn of Grayson’s passing because he had been improving following treatment for an infection and fever. Before the paramedics arrived, Michelle attempted to revive him at home by performing chest compressions. Despite the fact that he was breathing when he departed for the hospital, he died there once more.

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Michelle speculates that Grayson’s heart may have been weakened by the health problems he’s been dealing with lately, including the fevers, infections, and low potassium levels. Michelle, who is grieving, finds comfort in the knowledge that Grayson has finally attained peace and is connected with others who died before him.

My heart goes out to Slade, you, and the family at this awful moment, said another person, Annette Johns. There is no greater anguish than losing a kid, and there are no words that can lessen that pain. Bless Grayson’s heart. I’m sending you all love.

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