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Who was Frank Medal? Death Reason

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Frank Medal’s death was caused by the passing of Midwest Tejano Radio co-founder DJ Sonny. We’re about to break some awful and unexpected news: a very well-known co-founder named Frank “Sonny” Medel has died at the age of 55.

He was a well-known DJ in central Michigan. He is no longer in his immediate family and passed away on Monday. Many people have been stunned by his abrupt demise since the news of his departure spread online, and they are now in mourning. His untimely passing has left his loved ones deeply devastated and broken. Follow For More Updates at

Who Was Frank Medal?

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A well-known mid-Michigan DJ named Frank “Sonny” Medel co-founded Midwest Tejano Cultural Entertainment. In Saginaw, Michigan, he resided. by way of Saginaw, Michigan. He was a brilliant and upbeat individual who adored music, particularly Tejano music and the rock band KISS, as well as dance.

On the occasion of international DJ day, he sent greetings to other DJs. Medal participated in activities for veterans and kids. He was a wonderful person who gained a lot of respect for his excellent work.

Frank Medal Cause of Death

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According to the news, Frank “Sonny” Medel died at the age of 55. He passed away on Monday, February 6, 2023. Gilberto Guevara, his uncle, has confirmed the news of his death. Many people have been shocked by his abrupt death since the news of it spread on social media platforms, and they must now be very interested to learn what caused it. But his family and friends have not yet revealed the reason for his passing.

Many people are astonished and devastated by his abrupt death after hearing about it on the internet. Through his profession as a DJ, the various parties, and events, Medel made a lot of friends. His loved ones will never stop missing him because he was such a wonderful and compassionate person.

His family is devastated and shocked by the news because they lost a cherished member of the family. Many people have paid respect to him on social media sites and offered their sincere sympathies to his family.

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