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Who Was Eden Knight? Death Reason

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The death of Eden Knight, a transgender girl who took her own life after being forced to endure a de-transition by her parents, has shaken the LGBTQ+ community and brought attention to the harmful practise of conversion therapy. On March 12th, 2023, an Eden Knight was brutally murdered.

When her parents began to interfere in her personal choices, she decided to leave Saudi Arabia and relocate to the United States. Knight’s parents allegedly disapproved of her gender identification. Follow For More Updates at

Who Was Eden Knight?

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Eden Knight was born in Saudi Arabia and chose to relocate to the United States because her parents did not approve of her being a member of the LGBTQ community. Eden’s family couldn’t stand the reality that she was transsexual. She had no choice but to relocate to a different region where she could live freely.

However, it wasn’t until this company joined Eden’s existence. Eden Knight was introduced to this business in the hopes that they could help her situation. According to information on Knight’s suicide note, her parents expressly hired two licenced conversion therapists who claimed to be her friends.

Eden Knight Death Reason

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She originally struggled to understand what they were saying and how they could help her situation. As she began speaking with Michael Pocalyko and his assistant Ellen, she found it encouraging and helpful. Eden Knight, a young transgender girl from Saudi Arabia, sadly committed suicide on March 12th, 2023. Eden’s parents, Michael Pocalyko and Ellen Cole, allegedly duped her and sent her to Saudi Arabia, where she was forced to endure a de-transition.

They reportedly convinced her to leave Georgia and relocate to Virginia, where they later met and became friends without Knight realising it was all a ruse to persuade her to return to Saudi Arabia. No formal reports have been filed by the parents or the organisations allegedly engaged in this incident.

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