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Who Was Daniel Petry, whose body photos of Gabriel Kuhn became viral on Reddit and Twitter?

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The internet community is currently becoming more interested in a horrible murder case, and they are looking for Daniel Petry, who is connected to Gabriel Kuhn. After it was discovered that Petry was involved in a murder incident, his name made the press.

Seeing a 16-year-old mistreat a 12-year-old is heartbreaking and awful. People’s curiosity in the case was piqued by the victim and perpetrator’s ages, and as a result, they are eager to learn more about this murder case and what exactly happened to the small child. Learn more about the murderer before discussing this case. Follow For More Updates at

Who is Daniel Petry?

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Even still, he neglected his medical care, attending only a few appointments and skipping others. The accused enjoyed watching television, utilising the Internet, and playing online games. He used to skip classes and meetings to play video games with friends. He met the victim through an online game, and since they both enjoy playing them, they grew close. After repeated encounters, the offender and victim became close friends. Gabriel once requested $1.75 from Daniel using the online virtual currency Tibia. Unfortunately, he was unable to deliver the funds on time. On July 23, 2007, Daniel rapped on Kuhns’ door.

Vir@l Images of Gabriel Kuhn’s Dead Body

We want to let our readers know that this situation is not brand-new. Despite the fact that it is an old case, people have recently been looking into it when recordings and pictures of the crime scene and victim appeared online. Daniel was a small child that was born in 1991 and is from Brazil. He was a Brazilian national and a resident of Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

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He gained notoriety for abusing and murdering Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old girl. His neighbour was the victim, and on July 23, 2007, the perpetrator killed her. According to accounts, the 16-year-old teen struggled with mental health issues growing up. Thankfully, his family cared for him and provided him with psychiatric care.

>> What Became Of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn, Autopsy Pictures Go Viral On Reddit!

The Complete Controversy Regarding Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel gave him permission to enter, but as soon as Daniel did, he locked the gate. After a period of violent abuse, he r@ped the victim. He humiliated him physically and s*xu@lly before strangling him to death with electrical cords. He could no longer carry him since the body had grown too heavy, so he made the decision to amputate the legs to lighten them. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Later, the police followed up on the tip and caught the man. When questioned, he admitted to the crime. Gabriel Kuhn’s post-mortem revealed that he had been s**domized numerous times. The murderer was sentenced to three years in prison and placed in a juvenile delinquent facility.

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