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Who was Charles Langlinais? Death Reason dies at age 73

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Cause of Charles Langlinais’s Death: A very well-known chief of the Broussard, Charles Langlinais, died at the age of 73. This is a piece of sad and shocking news that we are sharing with you. He is no longer with us because he passed away on Tuesday.

News of his death recently broke on the Internet and quickly went viral on numerous social media platforms. His sudden demise shocked a lot of people. Now, a lot of people are interested in learning more about Charles Langlinais and how he died. Follow For More Updates at

Who was Charles Langlinais?

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Charles Langlinais is better known for being a visionary leader who helped Broussard grow from a small town to a major metropolis. He wasn’t afraid to use any means necessary to promote growth in order to make his ideals a reality, even going so far as to publicly argue with other officials like former Lafayette Mayor-President Joey Durel.

He worked for the city of Broussard for more than 30 years. His tenure as mayor spanned 1991 to 2018. He was a Broussard native who served in the Navy as a real estate agent and land surveyor.

Charles Langlinais Cause oif Death

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According to the reports, Charles Langlinais, the mayor of Broussard, is no longer one of his close friends. At the age of 73, he passed away on Tuesday, January 24, 2023. His son Dave Langlinais posted the news of his passing on Facebook. On Tuesday night, he claimed, his father passed away quietly.

His exact cause of death hasn’t been made public, though. As soon as we learn more about his cause of death, we’ll let you know. According to what we know, his family, friends, and coworkers celebrated his 30 years in office during his final city council meeting.

Many people are currently very interested in learning about his funeral arrangements, but there is no information available. He was a truly remarkable and mind-blowing individual who gained a great deal of respect for his best work. His loved ones, friends, and well-wishers will miss him. On social media, a lot of people paid tribute to him and offered him their sincere condolences.

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