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Who Was Anthony Miele? Man Died After Self Shooting At Merrimack Valley Standoff On I-495

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Anthony Miele, 49, committed himself by shooting himself following an hour-long standoff with the police. On the South Shore, Miele was seen driving a BMW that had been connected to two bank robberies. This led to a series of events that ended in a standoff and Miele shooting himself. To learn the entire case’s history, keep reading. Follow for latest updates.

Who Was Anthony Miele?

Anthony Miele, a robber from Quincy, recently engaged in a protracted standoff with law enforcement. Which resulted in the closure of Interstate 495 near Andover on Tuesday. Before deciding to take his own life Wednesday night in Lawrence. The potential bank robber had to deal with a two-hour standoff. When Miele sped away from the police and was first seen outside a Methuen bank, they started a pursuit.

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Anthony was under police pressure to turn himself in, but he chose not to. Instead, he used his hand to commit suicide. After being transported to a local hospital, Miele passed away just before midnight. While Anthony did not explicitly state why he wanted to terminate his life. It is clear that he did not want to turn himself into the police or even serve time for his crime.

What took place at Andover’s Interstate 495?

Around 7 p.m., a state police sergeant saw Miele’s BMW parked outside the Digital Federal Credit Union on Route 28 in Metheun. When Anthony was sighted at the location. A police notice was quickly sent out since the individual was associated with numerous bank robberies in southeast Massachusetts.

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Miele started to drive away as soon as the sergeant followed him in an unmarked cruiser. The state police trooper aiding the sergeant and another trooper tried to stop Miele’s BMW shortly after. He resisted and ran down several side streets and onto Route 28 south.

Who Was Anthony Miele? Man Died After Self Shooting At Merrimack Valley Standoff On I-495

Anthony Miele Orbituary

Tuesday night at around midnight, Anthony Miele was pronounced dead at the hospital. The cops transported him to the closest hospital after he shot himself, but he was unable to be saved. The police claimed that they talked to Miele for about two hours in an attempt to convince him to turn himself in, but he resisted.

Aerial footage revealed multiple police cars obstructing traffic close to Exit 40. Police officers were spotted with their weapons drawn and were concentrating on a dark automobile. That had stopped in the median close to Interstate 93 and the Lawrence/Andover border.

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