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Who is Suchana Seth’s husband Venkat Raman? Why he was arrested?

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We’re going to discuss about Suchana Seth because the public is searching for her on the internet. The public is searching the internet for more information about Suchana Seth, as well as facts regarding her charges, as news of them is spreading quickly. So, for our readers, we’ve included information about Suchana Seth in this post. Not only that, but we’d like to know more about her charges, as the public is searching for them on the internet.

Who is Venkat Raman?

Venkat Raman, the estranged spouse of Suchana Seth, has returned to India from Jakarta after being accused with the murder of their four-year-old child. When Raman arrived in Chitradurga, Karnataka, on Tuesday night, he permitted the police to do a post-mortem on his son’s corpse.

According to sources, between January 6 and 8, Suchana Seth, CEO of Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence startup The Mindful AI Lab, suffocated her child in a service flat in Candolim, North Goa. On January 6, Seth and her child checked into the service apartment. On January 8, they boarded a taxi to Bangalore. Staff members alerted the police after seeing bloodstains on a towel in the flat.

Why was Bengaluru CEO Mom arrested?

Authorities were alerted that Seth had raised suspicions by leaving with a particularly heavy suitcase. The Goa police notified their colleagues in Chitradurga, who searched the suitcase and discovered the child’s lifeless body. Seth was apprehended in Chitradurga and transferred to Goa, where a magistrate ordered her to be detained by police for six days.

Who is Venkat Raman?

Seth told the Goa police that she and her spouse were divorcing and that the divorce was pending. Suchana Seth is from West Bengal and lives in Bengaluru with her husband, Venkat Raman, who is from Kerala. A police official revealed that Suchana Seth and Venkat Raman married in 2010 and had a son in 2019.

They started divorce proceedings in 2022. Nidhin Valsan, the Superintendent of Police in North Goa, said news outlets that Suchana Seth appeared displeased with the recent court judgment enabling her husband to spend Sundays with their child.

According to LinkedIn, Suchana Seth is a data scientist and AI ethics specialist with over 12 years of experience. She has held several notable positions, including research fellow at the Raman Research Institute, fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Centre, and Mozilla Fellow at Data and Society.

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