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Who Is Pretty Vee? | The US Sun: Bio, Net worth

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Who is she?

Vena Excell was brought into the world in Miami, Florida, on October 13, 1991. The comic, whose stage title is Pretty Vee, has shown up on Nick Cannon’s TV program Wild ‘N Out.

She rose to notoriety on TikTok inside the initial not many long stretches of 2019 and is recognized for. Her clever films, engaging dance strikes, and lip-sync motion pictures. Numerous stages have helped Pretty Vee foster her online entertainment following and as an outcome. She has projected associations with partnerships like Fashion Nova.

What definitively does Pretty Vee think going to be her grandness?

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Pretty Vee alluded to herself as “valiant,” “solid,” “brave,” and “skilled” in a meeting with podcaster David Shands for Sleep is 4 Suckers. And in light of the question of what she felt “made her wonderful,” she referenced. “My confidence in God makes me more noteworthy than just ‘pretty’… Knowing what His identity is taught me how I grew up.

She co-facilitated the BET Awards pre-show with entertainer Terrence JCredit on June 26, 2022: Getty Pictures – Getty. She shared a piece from the webcast with Shands on Instagram and inscribed the submit as follows:

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Even though there have been circumstances when focus has been problematic. I NEVER GAVE UP on my desires as a baby. My young life assisted with mildewing me into the real specific individual I’m current! I was saved going by my mom’s power and her request.

In an Instagram subtitle where she shared a clasp from the digital broadcast with Shands, she composed:


Vena Excell was brought into the world on October 13, 1991, in Miami, Florida. “Like A Child I Always Had, But There Were Times When It Got Rough. But I NEVER GAVE UP On My Dreams! My ChildHood Shaped me Into The Woman I Am Today! My Mothers Strength and Her Prayer Kept Me Going”

The comic is referred to expertly as Pretty Vee and has been highlighted in Nick Cannon’s TV show, Wild ‘N Out.

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