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Who Is New York City’s, Chitara Plasencia? Bel Fries Vandalism: Three Women Arrested and Explanation!

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A big calamity happened when Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tatiyanna Johnson. Who all looked to be intoxicated at the time. Started trashing the restaurant’s property over the seemingly insignificant issue that various dips cost $1.75 each. The restaurant’s chef, Rafael Nunez, recorded everything on his iPhone so he would have proof.

Who Is Chitara Plasencia From NYC?

Chitara Plasencia was one of the three females who attacked a server at Bel Fries in New York City. The females brushed up against the restaurant and hurled whatever they might find at it. Her identify and the identities of the other two suspects were both confirmed by the NYPD.

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Second, there are no more facts concerning these people. They came out in the video as being extremely aggressive and like. They were causing trouble in the restaurant just for fun. Get upset at four in the morning because you had to spend $1.75 for additional sauce. To frighten your workforce, use a Taser. Throw as much debris at the staff as you can after destroying it.

Bel Fries Assault Video On Reddit

Currently, Reddit users are discussing, the video of Chitara Plasencia and her friends making fun of a server at New York’s Bel Fries. A fight between three females and a server over extra sauce can be caught on tape as. They attack Bel Fries in Manhattan. They asked for more sauce while they munched on fries.

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The waitress insisted they pay more for the sauce since it was against restaurant policy. When the three started pounding the restaurant counter, they lost their minds. It was difficult for Victoria Baez, a Bel Fries employee. To see since the assailants sprayed tequila and chilli sauce in her face.

Chitara Plasencia, Pearl Ozaria, and Tatiyanna Johnson were all arrested in connection with the Bel Fries assault.

Reviews claim that the 25-year-old went to Bel Fries with Tattiyana Johnson and Pearl Ozaria to get some fries. However, no restaurant is allowed to offer customers an extra sauce for the same price as the main one. The waiter asked for $1.75 more, but they refused to give it to him.

Tatiana Johnson, Pearl Ozaria, and Chitara Plasencia were all detained along with Bel Fries. Who is suspected of having been assaulted? Since they were believed to be the ones who attacked Bel Fries. Chitara Plasencia and two of her friends were detained. She was detained, the New York Police Department reported on Wednesday.

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