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Who is Leslie Winchester? Tennessee Firefighter is imprisoned for repeatedly setting fires

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Who is Leslie Winchester

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Leslie Roy Winchester, 19, of Waverly. Tennessee, was apprehended after admitting. The Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office that he was in charge of starting fires in the neighborhood (TBI). According to the police, among the buildings damaged by the six fires. Were a church, a Masonic lodge, an ancient fire hall, and a vacant home. Follow for latest updates.

The Humphreys County Fire Department was contacted by Jennifer’s Discount Gifts & Furniture on Friday, July 8. County officials contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) after the fire was put out to request assistance in investigating a series of fires that started on June 13 nearby. Winchester, a volunteer firefighter in Humphreys County, was finally linked to the six fires by TBI investigators. According to WSMV-TV. Leslie Winchester acknowledged starting the fires when questioned and claimed that he used gasoline to ignite Jennifer’s Discount Gifts & Furniture.

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The first fire associated with Winchester, according to the TBI. Happened on June 13 close to the 5500 block of Bakerville Road in Waverly. Winchester admitted to the police that he ignited the fire by hurling a lit cigarette into the front door. The discharged firefighter admitted to lighting a vacant house on fire on June 29 using lighter fluid. He also acknowledged lighting a piece of paper inside a garbage. The Humphreys County Fire Station District 5 to set it on fire.

Four further suspicious fires were started between July 1 and July 8 in different parts of the neighborhood. Two firefighters were harmed as a result of some of the fires that Winchester recognized, according to WSMV-TV. On July 3, there was a fire at the Glenwood Church of Christ. Bobby Rich, a firefighter, suffered injuries putting out the fire. Which Winchester claimed he started by sprinkling gasoline on the back door. Additionally, he alleges that on July 6. He set the Cotton Valley Masonic Lodge on fire with gasoline, injuring fireman Jennifer Steward as well.

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The volunteer firefighter was identified as the culprit by the detectives. Who also filed charges against him for three counts of aggravated arson, six instances of criminal trespassing, and six acts of destruction exceeding $10,000. Leslie Winchester was detained in the Humphreys County Jail on a $1,746,000 bond. According to the station, Winchester received the Humphreys County Fireman of the Year award in December 2021. Waverly is located 66 miles to the west of Nashville.

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