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Who Is Kaushik Solanki? Man Jailed for Beating His Wife Manisha with Hockey Stick Check Mugshots

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Who Is Kaushik Solanki?

Lockdown caused a couple’s marriage to fail, so the husband beat his wife to death with a hockey stick before cutting off her head. He received a prison term. The 55-year-old Kaushik Solanki, Manisha Solanki’s husband, denied killing her but confessed to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He said that the Covid-19 lockdowns made his mental health problems worse as a result of years of marital strife. The Crown Prosecution Service concurred, and the initial murder case was dismissed. Follow for latest updates.

Due to frequent incidents of violence between Kaushik Solanki and Manisha, Leicestershire Police had advised the couple to discontinue their relationship. Manisha was going through a divorce when Kaushik Solanki attacked her at their Leicester home on April 14 or 15. A man who threw himself down a 50-foot cliff in Norfolk and landed on the rocks below has survived. A suicide note addressed to his nephew was found after the man, who was later identified as 32-year-old Kaushik Solanki, a software developer from London, flung himself down the cliff near Hunstanton.

Cause of Death

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While enjoying their breakfast and watching a live webcam of the ocean, a couple observed him and dialed 911. See more information in this article. They discovered Kaushik at the base of the cliff, still alive but suffering from a severe head injury, shattered limbs and legs, and a “smashed” face. He was saved after being taken to a hospital close to Cambridge. Within roughly 18 months, he should recover.

Who Is Kaushik Solanki? Man Jailed for Beating His Wife Manisha with Hockey Stick Check Mugshots

Today, Leicester Crown Court substitute Loughborough Magistrates’ Court judge Timothy Spencer QC sentenced wheelchair-bound Kaushik. The judge heard about 16 factors that contributed to the couple’s failing marriage, including “empty nest syndrome” when their boys left for college and mental health issues that grew worse starting in 2020 when the Covid lockdowns began. Throughout the sentencing process, Kaushik’s wife was caught on camera attacking him and yelling at him. The court watched numerous of these videos. Follow on Twitter

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“First and foremost, my condolences are with the Solankis’ friends and family during this tremendously trying time,” Detective Inspector Jenni Heggs of the severe crime team of the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) said following the guilty plea. Our research showed that Kaushik Solanki’s decision to kill his wife was motivated by mental aberration. Keep in touch with us for more information as it becomes available.

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