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Who Is Fanta Bility? An 8-Year-Old Girl Shot & Killed, What Happened With Her? Check Out!

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Fanta Bility is an 8-year-old girl who was the victim of a horrific police murder case outside of Philadelphia. This news has shocked everyone and is receiving a lot of attention these days because it describes the family’s struggles after losing their young daughter, who was shot and killed by the police even though she was an innocent victim. When this news broke nearly a year ago, people were horrified. Follow for latest updates.

Who Is Fanta Bility?

This was the fallout from January 6 when a specific police murder took place and her shooting that has been causing a lot of controversies because it was illegal to use gunfire and it is said to be more than three police officers were involved and their names are a, b, and c. So as we all know the previous year the whole Nation was going through a lot regarding the covid problem where the whole world was in pain and we have lost a lot of people regarding this thing Devon Smith, 33, Brian Devaney, 41, and Sean Dolan, 25. The specific tragedy that occurred on August 27, 2021, is the most devastating and terrible event in people’s lives.

Fanta Bility Girl Shot & Killed

Who Is Fanta Bility? An 8-Year-Old Girl Shot & Killed, What Happened With Her? Check Out!
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She was an innocent girl who was involved in this shooting; she was about to start her new class. She was a very cute, little Natalie, beautiful child but before starting school, she was declared dead and was being buried. Her family was armed and non-violent at the time, and they were not even causing any problems, breaking the law, or even trying to commit a crime. Santa was the one who was making no threats. Read More

What Happened With Fanta Bility?

However, when the police were asked about the incident, they refused and were even unable to speak about it because they didn’t want to explain what they had done to the 8-year-old child. The Fanta family did not fire a single shot, but the police were the ones who were firing multiple guns. The entire nation was in pain and shock as a result of learning about this terrible situation that had been caused by the police.

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