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Who Is Dicari Kayes? A Twitter and Reddit video goes viral

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In a video Dicari Kayes has recently been popular online and is trending across numerous alternative websites and social media platforms, a woman looks. People keep asking to watch the viral movie that has gone viral online, and their interest in doing so rises.

Additionally, the numerous video screenshots are garnering a tonne of popularity. The movie, which has been published on numerous websites, goes by the name of the Mirip Kayes viral video. Follow for latest updates…

Mirip Kayes’s Web Video

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Although the uploader of this video is currently unknown, Indonesia is thought to be its place of origin. How the video came to be so popular is another mystery. The young girl whose video has received a lot of online attention goes by the name of Kayes. The movie is undoubtedly a private recording that has been posted online; as it gained notoriety, users began sharing it, and it quickly turned into a heated issue. Furthermore, it is stated that the girl in the video goes by the name of Kayes. Online users located the Indonesian woman, and it was discovered that she is an esports brand ambassador, which explains why so many people are familiar with her.

Who is Dicari Kayes?

The film reportedly features Kayes ONIC, the model who serves as Indonesia’s esports ambassador, as was previously mentioned. On social media, where she has thousands of followers, the younger girl works as a model ambassador and a social media star. On her TikTok account, where she broadcasts videos of herself dancing and doing other things, hundreds of people follow Kayes. Kayes hasn’t officially verified that she is the woman in the video, despite numerous claims to the contrary. Regardless of whether Kayes appears in the video or not, nothing can be said because she hasn’t yet answered. Kayes might discuss the video on social media as she uses them frequently.

Who Is Dicari Kayes? A Twitter and Reddit video goes viral

Dicari Kayes Viral Video

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The woman may be seen in the Viral video completely undressed and without any clothing on. A close study reveals a significant resemblance between the woman’s face and Kayes’. Because there isn’t any evidence or confirmation coming from Kayes’ end, as was already mentioned, the internet is becoming increasingly upset. Although many Twitter users also post the video, it is mostly removed and spread by many websites. She appeared bare-chested and undefended in one of several movies. Considering how well-liked Kayes is, several people started saying that the video was of him.

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