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Who Is Alisha Grauso? Screenrant Editor Receives ‘Assault’ Threats For Her ‘Non-Literal’ Tweet

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Writer Alisha Grauso’s tweets on freedom day that circulated around the web have made her get “ra*e and passing” dangers. In the wake of getting the dangers, Alisha communicated her circumstance where her tweets were being set up web-based in a way she didn’t really accept that she tweeted. Yet, what was genuinely going on with the tweet by Alisha Grauso?

Peruse ahead to find out about Alisha Grauso and her tweets that got can’t stand remarks.

Who is Alisha Grauso?

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Alisha Grauso is a columnist who is known for her work in Screenrant where she fills in as a proofreader. She took her schooling from the Indiana University of Penn. She did her graduation with a certification in Bachelor of Arts. In any case, she has been working beginning around 2011.

She was beforehand a teacher who then started composition for a few realized media houses. However, as of late a tweet of her made a great deal of hums which came after the Roe versus Wade decision. As a matter of fact, she has been getting a great deal of remarks for itself and dangers too.

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Alisha Grauso gets ra*e and passing dangers

One of the most featured news nowadays all over the planet has been the Roe versus Wade decision. This decision came in the long stretch of June and is worried about early termination. All things considered, this has a response from a few in the United States. After the decision however, Alisha made a tweet on the festival of Independence Day.

Yet, presently it appears to be that her tweet hasn’t worked out in a good way for some. After her tweet, FOX News put that on the web and it went in a new direction subsequently. Truth be told, post her tweet she has been getting ra*e and passing dangers. Not to miss, she even referenced the dangers via virtual entertainment later.

Alisha Grauso response on ra*e and passing dangers

While the tweet of Independence day festivity by Alisha Grauso found out if they had any desire to observe Independence day or not. It was Fox News was who put that tweet of Alisha on the web.

Following this, she began getting rae and passing dangers. Presently, Alisha after the dangers has tweeted again about how she has been confronting provocation for a day and a half. She additionally said about death and rae dangers for her tweet that wasn’t strict and was out online to make an unsound state.

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