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Who are the escapist duo, Henry and Klauss? AGT contestants have been practicing illusionism for 15 years – SatikNews

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Who are Henry and Klauss?

The audience enthralled by Henry and Klauss clever escape plan. The two call themselves “brothers of spirits” and have been producing this kind of artwork for the last 15 years. The judges were first alarmed by their audition. But they incredibly impressed by their quick escape. Follow for latest updates.

America’s Obtained Expertise renewed for the seventeenth year in a row. Only a few of the competitors who had their AGT stage debuts went on to become well-known personalities who may be recognisable all over the world.

AGT duo Henry and Klauss delivered a powerful escape efficiency

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The judges saw a sizable field enter the room before the AGT contestants did. Henry and Klauss, the first escape team, introduced themselves and said they have known each other for more than 15 years. Ever since they first met at an efficiency club, the two have been performing together.

Trendy Henry, two skilled illusionists from Brazil, create a variety of illusions and magic tricks. The famous pair holds the record for floating on one of Sao Paulo’s busiest streets for more than four hours. Additionally, they performed several times at the Magic Citadel nightclub in Hollywood. They also took part in a tour of the United States as ambassadors for their country.

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Henry and Klauss have an Instagram account that has more than 17K followers. Additionally, each of them has a private account on the social media platform, with Henry having 102,000 followers and Klauss having 96.4,000. They discuss advice, escaping illusions, attending classes and performances, and other topics on their website.

The AGT team has 15 years of “professional” experience and numerous local, national, and international awards. America Received Expertise gotten a renewal for the seventeenth consecutive year. Many of the competitors who competed on the AGT stage for the first time went on to become well-known personalities who may be recognizable all over the world.

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