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Who Are Pearl Ozaria & Chitara Plasencia From NYC? Women Arrested In Bell Fries For Assault

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In a single video clip that caught the attention of the media. Three women started tossing anything they could find at the employees. The server informed them that more sauce. Their fries will cost an extra $1.75 because that is how the restaurant charges for extras. The women were incensed and started fighting with the staff and throwing things. Follow for the latest updates.

The other diners in the establishment found it amusing and did nothing to stop them. Instead, they continued to record the entire event and made fun of the injured colleagues.

Who Are Pearl Ozaria & Chitara Plasencia From NYC?

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Two friends, Pearl Ozaria and Chitara went to Bel Fries in New York City and started a disturbance when they didn’t get enough sauce. On July 3, Tatiyanna Johnson, Pearl, and Chitara went out to supper. They quarreled with the server because he wouldn’t offer them more sauce for the same price.

It was their corporate coverage to charge an additional $1.75 for the extra sauce. But because the women didn’t understand the law. They reacted violently rather than leaving or simply paying a few cents more.

Are the Bell Fries Girls Who Were Arrested for Assault in Prison?

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The three women who had been abusing. The workers were apprehended by the New Police Division as they were leaving Bel Fries. The three suspects—Ozaria, Plasencia, and Johnson—said. They intended to kill the employees and were getting ready to shock them. On the workers, even glass bottles had been thrown.

The diners at the restaurant found the graffiti amusing, so they made no move to stop it. Instead, they restricted themselves to documenting what was happening. Tequila and sizzling sauce were thrown at Victoria Baez, and the counter was broken, by the people who attacked her. The cash register and computer systems were destroyed, and the staff members were covered in blood.

Baez pondered using a knife or hurling hot oil at them. But the situation was so terrifying that she wasn’t sure what to do. Around four in the morning, the incident took place in the Manhattan eatery Bel Fries on Ludlow Road. The authorities utilized chef Rafael Nunez’s footage of the altercation as evidence.

The women took all the cash with them before departing. They were apprehended by the authorities, and they will remain in jail until. They have made good on all the damage they caused.

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