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Who Are Julian, Ivan, and Evelyn Flores? siblings who died in the collision went to buy mom’s medication

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Three people died later after being involved in a horrific car accident, according to a horrifying online report. San Antonia is where this terrible occurrence took place. This news was just released online, and as soon as it became popular on social media platforms, countless replies started making headlines online. This horrific occurrence has stunned a lot of people. Many people are currently very interested in learning the full details of the accident. Follow For More Updates at satiknews.com

Who Is Evelyn Flores?

A family in San Antonia has reportedly been affected by a tragedy. Three siblings lost their lives in an automobile accident that occurred on the northeast side, according to family relatives. Three persons lost their lives in a two-vehicle collision in San Antonio on Sunday night, according to the police. On January 8, 2023, just before 10:30 p.m., a sad event occurred close to Thousand Oaks Drive and Alamo Blanco Street. Family and friends are shocked by the news because no one anticipated that they would pass away so suddenly.

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As far as we know, close friends and family members gathered at the scene of the three deadly accidents on Monday night. While running errands for their mother, a big sister and her younger brothers were murdered in an automobile accident.

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Evelyn Flores Cause of Death

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As was previously noted, a car accident along Thousand Oaks Drive and Alamo Blanco Street in San Antonio claimed the lives of three siblings. Evelyn Flores, Julian, and Ivan have been identified as the three individuals. According to the family members, the unfortunate casualties at Thousand Oaks in Nacogdoches were Ivan, 17, Julian, 10, and Evelyn Flores, 22. Many people are now very interested in finding out what happened to them after the news spread online. For the latest news, follow us on Twitter

Many people have been devastated by this awful tragedy since it was reported online, and there are no adequate words to comfort this mother who lost her three children. Many individuals paid tribute to them and sent their families heartfelt condolence messages.

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