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Who Are Hazel Stewart Children Lisa And Andrew? Where Are They Today?

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She was found guilty in 2010 and given a minimum 21-year jail term. She said that Colin had everything prepared, though, saying, “Hazel danced with me even though I was the waltz leader. They were more than simply lovers, Howell and Stewart. They had the outward appearance of being devout parents, but they were terrible murders.

Children of Hazel Stewart: Lisa and Andrew

With Trevor Buchanan, Hazel Stewart’s ex-husband, they had two kids. Andrew and Lisa are their names. Her kids won’t acknowledge that she did anything wrong. What is taking place has them in disbelief. We have lost our father, and it nearly feels like we will also lose our mother, her son Andrew remarked. Stewart was accused of destroying evidence and participating in the murderous plot. She was found guilty of killing two persons, according to the verdict.

How is Hazel Stewart doing?

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Hazel Stewart had to return to a routine schedule after losing her rights to jail. Currently, she is a prisoner at Hydebank, Belfast. Inmates looked up to her as a role model during her mid-2021 interview with the Belfast Telegraph.

Stewart said in her statement that she felt alone since she was unable to discuss the killings with anybody. She’s made previous attempts to modify or reduce her phrase without success. She requested the court to re-file an appeal she lost in 2013 over the passing of her spouse in 2015. No, the court ruled.

Hazel Stewart Bio & Age from Wikipedia

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Hazel Stewart, an Irish lady, was accused of killing Trevor Buchanan, her ex-husband, and Lesley, her former girlfriend, in 1991. In the past, Stewart taught Sunday school at Coleraine Baptist Church and assisted in a daycare facility owned by the church.

Here she met Colin Howell, whose three kids attended the facility, for the first time. In the summer of 1990, he proposed to her after falling in love. Colin tried to find an excuse to hang out with Hazel more often. Their marriages were a long cry from how much they truly loved one other since they were mostly focused on their kids, the church, and their everyday lives.

Is the husband of Hazel Stewart Does She Still Marry David Stewart?

According to rumors, Hazel Buchanan, a mother of two, is still David Stewart’s wife. She changed her name to Hazel Stewart by using his last name. Colin recommended to Hazel that she travel to Scotland and start anew in 1996 because he was sick of being the depressed widower.

They might become members of a church and publicly coexist as a mixed family. On the other hand, Hazel instructed them to depart. Colin and Hazel split up because she no longer desired his presence in her life. Later, she wed David Stewart, a senior police officer with much detective expertise.

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