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Whitney Wright, an American star, angers exiles with her visit to Iran

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On Monday, Whitney Wright was charged with multiple counts of endorsing misinformation from the Iranian government. She followed suit after bragging on social media about her trip to Iran. Additionally, the US actress shared images from websites like “shut-down US embassy.”

The Muslim nation’s officials have categorically denied endorsing Whitney Wright’s visit. They made it clear that Whitney Wright, like any other foreign national, had a visa to enter the Islamic nation. Furthermore, her outrageous professional record was unknown to the authorities.

Iran’s Whitney Wright Raised Eyebrows

Wright gained notoriety in her tweets for her harsh condemnation of Israel, which is seen as Iran’s main adversary. She has, nonetheless, particularly infuriated the Iranian exiles by posing in early 2022 with the “women’s strict Islamic dress code,” during a period of widespread protests against the mandatory hijab. After Mahsa Amini passed away in police detention in September 2022, the protests took a negative turn. Mahsa Amini was allegedly detained for flagrantly disobeying the dress code.

Whitney Wright, an American star, angers exiles with her

Recently, an Instagram post claim has surfaced following the global sensation that Drake went viral for showing out his “Meat,” “Missle,” or “Snake,” as the world put it, in a video that went viral during the Grammy Awards ceremony. According to a message that surfaced on the social media site, Drake has filed a lawsuit against Kirill.

It should be mentioned that, as of right now, neither Drake nor any of his representatives have provided an official confirmation of the same. As of right now, it appears that the post that has caught people’s attention online is a phony one.

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