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Where is Mickey Shunick’s Sister Charlie Shunick Now?

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Dateline The Michaela “Mickey” Shunick case, which occurred in May 2012, is the subject of the podcast “After the Verdict: Missing Mickey” from NBC. Brandon Scott Lavergne kidnapped the young woman as she was leaving a friend’s house, and after a fight, killed her. Charlene Charlie Shunick Mickey’s sister, who oversaw the hunt for Mickey and at the time served as the family’s spokesman, is a featured guest on the podcast. Consequently, let’s learn more about her now, shall we?

Who is Charlie Shunick?

Mickey Shunick vanished on May 19, 2012, as she rode her bike back to her house. Soon later, the lives of the Shunick family were irrevocably altered. All they could do was look for Mickey, with Charlie leading the way in doing so. They were unable to celebrate Mickey’s 22nd birthday or her brother’s graduation. Charlie Shunick launched a Facebook campaign to spread awareness of the case in addition to organizing candlelight vigils and providing a tip. Follow Our website for the latest updates.

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To keep the tale alive, Charlie enlisted volunteers to aid in the hunt and gave numerous interviews to regional radio and television programs. Mickey’s potential demise was certain as time went on, but Charlie and the family clung to hope. Charlie stated that after her bike was discovered on May 28, “We didn’t get the sinking feeling like, ‘Oh, my God, this is terrible.'” More accurately, the reaction was, “Oh, my God, we finally found something of Mickey’s.” Our realization that someone had taken her and that it had been planned led us to believe that she had been taken.

At the time, Charlie Shunick thought anyone who kidnapped her sister while she was awake would undoubtedly get hurt. Eventually, the authorities learned that’s exactly what occurred. When Brandon Scott Lavergne was detained in connection with the incident, it was later discovered that Mickey retaliated by stabbing him multiple times. Charlie and the family continued to believe that Mickey was still alive even after Brandon was charged with murder.

Where is Mickey Shunick’s Sister Charlie Shunick Now?

Where is Charlie Shunick Today?

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The Resource Association for Missing People was founded by Charlie Shunick as a result of her attempts to find her sister. In September 2013, she started the nonprofit to aid the families and loved ones of those who had gone missing. Along with increasing public awareness, RA for Missing People also seeks to assist in finding the missing person by offering any other necessary services and support. Charlie and her family are closer than ever, and the Shunicks do everything they can to preserve Mickey’s legacy. For the latest news, follow us on Google News.

Charlie graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The University of Texas at Dallas awarded her a Master’s degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience in 2013. She is the biotechnology director at the Delgado Community College in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she currently resides. Charlie has been a biology assistant professor for more than eight years before taking on that role, which he has held for more than four years. She enjoys traveling and spending time with friends, and she has a pet dog named Carmen.

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