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Where Is 32-Year-Old Jessie Chok Missing and Hasn’t Been Found Yet?

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Jessie Chok, a 32-year-old woman with an attractive demeanor, is described in the report. As is well known, the number of missing cases is growing daily, and everyone is looking for this kind of information. The case has been made public on the internet before. Numerous instances are presented online and are considered by the public. People’s attention is being drawn to this particular type of missing case.

Jessie Chok Missing

We previously disclosed that Jessie self-identified as a 32-year-old woman based on the report. CCTV footage shows her final appearance on Monday, January 29, 2024, at approximately 6:51 PM at an apartment in Kepong. When she went missing, she was dressed in shorts and a red shirt. Interestingly, her passport was found at home, indicating that she had no plans to travel abroad. Everyone was astonished when she abruptly vanished and began continuously checking for news.

Her brother and cousin contacted Deric Teh, the vice chief of the Federal Territory Complaints and Legal Bureau, after she vanished in order to file a public complaint.

Where Is 32-Year-Old Jessie Chok Missing and Hasn't Been Found Yet

What Happne to Jessie Chok?

Deric Teh, the deputy chief of the Federal Territory Complaints and Legal Bureau, was called by Jessie’s brother and cousin following her disappearance in order to publish a public notice. According to Deric, the family has been looking for Jessie nonstop, visiting hospitals and requesting information on her online. But she turned out to be deceased. There is still a lot to tell you, including specifics regarding the news, which you may find in the next part.

Additionally, Jessie last appeared to sigh on January 29 at approximately 6:51 PM at an apparent location in Kepong. Speaking of more significant matters, allow us to mention that before she vanished, her dark grey Subaru XV with registration plate F6629 was seen on CCTV. When she last appeared, she was wearing shorts and a red shirt. Her passport was also discovered in her living room, indicating that she did not intend to fly abroad.

In addition, we must inform you that the entire authorities are still looking for her. This will leave you feeling depressed and heartbroken. When the police began a thorough search of her, they discovered a 32-year-old lady inside her Selangor, Malaysia, rest stop automobile. The investigation’s conclusion was depressing.

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