Friday, March 24, 2023

Where and When will Lady Grace’s Burial Take Place? Full Burial Program Here

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People are curious about the location and date of Lady Grace’s funeral. Following several online reports regarding the singer’s funeral arrangements, the family of the late singer Lady Grace has now made available a complete burial schedule.

Many people came as they began to pay their final respects to the deceased singer yesterday during a memorial held in her honor at Mukono Wanton. These included other additional singers, such as Kabako and Lady Mariam Tindatiine. Follow For More Updates at

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Additionally, contrary to early rumors, the Ezo Ku Kameeza singer will be buried on Saturday, October 1, at 2 p.m., said the MC of the vigil. The burial will occur in Lady Grace’s ancestral home in Kyampisi, which is located in Mukono.

As some people spent the night at the burial site to comfort the deceased’s relatives, mourners are anticipated to begin gathering there today. Also anticipated today is the transfer of the singer’s body to Kyampisi for public viewing. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

Where and When will Lady Grace's Burial Take Place? Full Burial Program Here
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The funeral for Lady Grace is anticipated to bring large crowds, particularly musicians. It should be remembered that the singer tragically and painfully died from wounds received in a very serious accident. She was riding in a vehicle owned and operated by Ronald Alimpa, a hitmaker for Lusuku law Cement who suffered broken legs.

A total of three other deaths have also been confirmed, including Alimpa’s uncle who passed away right there and then and whose body singer Hassan Nduga and the other first responders were unable to find.

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The family of Lady Grace has continued to receive condolence letters, and we will keep you informed as further information about this development becomes available. Rest up, LG.

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