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When Will Farebi Yaar Part 3 Web Series Be Released? Date & Time, Trailer, Star Cast, All Episodes & More!

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Sugandha’s brother-in-law came there to live with them and he fell in love with nikhat. The series moved towards their romance and love story. Here sugandha is admiring their love and romance and expects the same from her husband but he ignores her.

Now she goes to her brother-in-law and we will get to see his 2-way of Romance. To know the full story do watch the series. Follow For More Updates at

Farebi Yaar Part 3 Web Series Storyline

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The series has been already released on the ullu platform. You can watch all the available 6 episodes of the series there and enjoy it. Part 3 of the series is now going to be released and will contain episode number 7 to the next episodes. Part 3 of the series is all set to be released on 17 February 2023. Part 3 will contain episodes 7 and episode 8. Each episode will be 25 to 30 minutes and it will be the continuation of episode 6.

Farebi Yaar Part 3 Web Series Trailer

The series has been released on the ullu web platform and it will be continued there only. Ullu is a very popular web series platform that is subscription based and provides the best of the series to its audiences. The series farebi yaar has been released in many languages such as Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil.

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The 3rd part of the series is about to be released and in this article, we are going to give you all the complete details about the next part. Farebi yaar is a web series full of romance, drama and bold content. The series revolves around Sugandha.

She lives in an apartment with her husband. Her husband is a little bit rude, unromantic and busy. In their apartment, there is a girl named nikhat who stays with whom her husband doesn’t like at all and tells Sugandha to never talk to her.

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