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What Occurred in the Ronald Alimpa Car Crash Accident? Video Shows Two Victims Lady Grace & Ragga Fire Also Injured

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Only three to four news stories concerning traffic accidents are reported daily, indicating that they were a major factor in the deaths of thousands of people every day. However, those who did not pass away in a car accident suffered severe injuries as a result of car crashes. Not only did famous people occasionally suffer from this tragedy, but some of them also lost their lives. Follow For More Updates at

This time, a famous musician also perished, but a commuter who was with her at the time suffered serious injuries and is currently in critical condition. According to the most recent information from South Africa, Lady Grace, a well-known musician from Uganda, died in a terrible car accident.

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On the morning of Wednesday, September 28, 2022, this tragic tragedy took place along Semuto in central Uganda’s Nakaseke area. She was riding in the same car with another musician Ronald Alimpa, who is well-known for his songs such as “Lusuku Lwa wana,” “Ragga Fire,” and “Hassan Ndugga of Kaguta Onvumiza,” so she wasn’t the only one who was involved in the tragedy.

What Happened With Ronald Alimpa?

The horrible occurrence was documented in a video that witnesses shared. The dead body of Layira is now being seen in the car in the viral footage. Since the incident was reported, the police have opened an investigation and have filed a case.

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Police have not yet issued a comment regarding the musicians’ car crash. In the widely shared video, spectators can be heard. “Ragga Fire and Ndugga are in an extremely bad and critical state, and we are trying to save their lives.” The reports on Thursday morning made it evident that Lady Grace and Ragga Fire were the two other musicians who had died. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

What Occurred in the Ronald Alimpa Car Crash Accident? Video Shows Two Victims Lady Grace & Ragga Fire Also Injured

Lady Grace advised dying immediately. The 45-second video went viral after being posted by Yong Don MC on his social media sites. The eyewitness is heard describing the details of the occurrence.

Video of Ronald Alimpa Automobile Accident

In the brief viral video, Ragga Fire and Alimpa can be seen dancing while the onlookers reveal that they have suffered horrific injuries, including broken limbs. The two victims were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, but tragically Ragga passed away, leaving Ronald Alimpa in critical condition.

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In Uganda, there have been more road accidents in recent years. Approximately 367 people perished between July 1 and July 9, 2022. Concerns are being raised by the steadily rising number of cases.

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