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What Happned to Declan Murphy? Cause of his Death

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Declan Murphy, a 19-year-old matric student at St Benedict’s College, died in a sad accident while on holiday with his family in Plettenberg Bay. The talented student, who had recently finished his final examinations, fell from a balcony, sustaining severe brain injuries.

Despite the efforts of the medical team at Mediclinic George Hospital, Declan died of his injuries on December 28th, casting a tragic shadow over the festive holiday season. Here’s everything you need to know about Declan Murphy and his accident.

Despite his untimely death, Declan’s academic achievements demonstrate his passion and commitment. Declan’s final exams resulted in five distinctions, according to the Independent Examinations Board. He excelled in English, Geography, Life Orientation, Math, and Physical Science, demonstrating a tremendous mind and promising a bright future. His scholastic accomplishments, while posthumous, provide a vivid picture of the excellence that distinguished Declan’s academic trajectory.

Declan Murphy Cause of Death

Declan Murphy’s legacy extends beyond academia. Declan was more than just an accomplished student; he was also remembered as the school chaplain’s altar boy during his junior year and for his leadership abilities. His faith and commitment to religion were visible throughout his life, leaving an indelible impression on people around him. The St Benedict’s College community mourns the passing of a complex man whose influence extended well beyond the classroom.

Declan Murphy Cause of Death

While mourning Declan’s departure, St Benedict’s College recognized the excellent achievements of its top students from the 2023 academic year. Dylan Ho, the best student with eight distinctions and an astounding 91.3% average, was recognized by the school for his achievements.

What Happned to Declan Murphy?

The school community, which is still dealing with the aftermath of Declan’s unexpected death, sent its heartfelt sympathies to his loved ones. College President David Jeffrey stressed the significance of honoring the culmination of 13 years of hard work that matric results reflect. In celebration of Declan’s memory, the school recognized his numerous accomplishments and hailed him as a “all-rounder” – a feeling shared by his peers who sought his wisdom and leadership.

In a touching tribute, David Jeffrey offered Declan’s words, which embodies resilience and strength: “Always remember to pray‚Ķ not for easier days, but to be a stronger man.” These words, permanently imprinted on the hearts of the St Benedict’s College community, will serve as a constant reminder of Declan’s wisdom and integrity.

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