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What Happened When Three Indian-Americans Died in an Arizona Frozen Lake?

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Three persons have recently died after falling through the ice, according to recent internet headlines. This news recently spread throughout the internet and quickly gained popularity on many social media platforms. In Arizona’s Coconino County on Monday, the frozen Woods Canyon Lake witnessed this horrific tragedy.

Since the news broke online, as soon as it started spreading on social media, countless replies began making headlines online. Follow For More Updates at

Three Indian-Americans Cause of Death

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They went up here for amusement, enjoyed it, and wanted to take some pictures on the ice, according to the report by sheriff’s officer Jon Paxton. Firefighters were alerted that two children and a woman were skating through the ice to try to save their loved ones when they were only just rescued. When they eventually pulled it free from the water and were able to contact for assistance, it was already too late.

Narayana Muddana, 49, his wife Haritha Muddana, and another guy, Gokul Mediseti, 47, have all been named as the victims. They were Chandler, Arizona, locals. They were all nationals of India. A couple, a father and a woman, had brought their daughters to the lake.

Deaths of Three Indian-Americans

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On December 26, 2022, three Indian Americans reportedly perished. According to authorities, the group allegedly broke through the lake’s ice, waded into the 30-degree water, and eventually perished from hypothermia. Around 3:35 pm, this terrible and tragic event took place. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

As far as we are aware, Paxton also said, “If you are not a swimmer, it’s that much more difficult at that point because hypothermia comes in very quickly. The sheriff’s office said on December 27, 2022, that after Haritha’s body was pulled from Woods Canyon Lake on Monday evening, search operations for the other two victims continued. On Tuesday afternoon, the victims’ dead bodies were found. Numerous reactions have been making headlines ever since this news went viral.

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