Sunday, February 5, 2023

What Caused Ray Rice’s Death, Exactly? Owner of a Radio Station in Scottsburg Died

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One of the county’s well-known figures, Ray Rice, passed away in a hospital. The sources state that on January 9, 2023, social media verified the news of his passing.

The radio station owner passed away, according to the sources, after his family pleaded with him to return home after he had recently experienced an emergency. And then it was revealed that Ray Rice, the proprietor of the Mexican radio station, had tragically passed away following a stroke. Follow For More Updates at

Who is Ray Rice?

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The infamous Chicken Man with the Scottsburg Band of Warriors is Ray Rice, owner of I105.3 FM, director of We Care in Scottsburg, Indiana. Country music is played on WMPI. The station, which broadcasts to the Louisville, Kentucky, region, is licensed in Scottsburg, Indiana. The station is presently owned by DR Rice Broadcasting, Inc. He makes a wonderful son, father, grandfather, and friend.

Ray was transported from Mexico to a Texas hospital after having a stroke. But his family and friends are still curious as to why he passed away suddenly and how it happened to him. His loved ones are paying tribute to him and expressing their profound sorrow since the news of his passing was confirmed on social media. He was a contented husband. Since Ray’s family lost a dear member, they are going through a trying time.

Ray Rice Die Cause of Death

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The sources claim that Ray Rice had a stroke in Mexico and was unable to survive. Ray Rice died on Sunday night in Southern Indiana. The daughter of Ray Rie, Amy Nicholas, asserted that her father passed away at 7:30 PM. She posted a photo of her father with the caption, “I hugged my dad as he left this world at around 7:30 PM tonight. Please know that those of you who prayed fervently had your prayers heard and heard. For the latest news, follow us on Twitter

Some of the sources claimed that while Ray was recently on vacation aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean, he developed pneumonia and high blood sugar, which were both affecting his diabetes. He was taken to the hospital after the ship docked in Mexico. His family begged to take him back home after his admission to the state.

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