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Web Series Doraha Part 2 on the Ullu App: Cast, Plot, and Trailer!

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Every episode of the Doraha Part 2 web series is available on the Ullu app. The online series was set in an Indian city and focused on a bizarre household in which two brothers unintentionally revealed their personal histories to one another’s spouses. Bharti Jha and Ruks Khandagale were given the lead roles in the Doraha Part 2 web series.

We met two actresses for Doraha Part 2 because the Ullu app is producing stories about many actresses. Now accessible are all three of the 25–30 minute Ullu episodes. On December 30, 2022, the second instalment of the Doraha web series will be released.

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The Ullu app is popular because it features love scenarios in unique settings. Bharti Jha has a dream in which she is beside her husband in the opening sequence of the first episode.

Additionally, the official Ullu app will soon offer a few web series for viewing. With new shows, many well-known local OTT actresses have started returning to the site. In a new Ullu web series that will be released shortly, Nehal Vadoliya, Muskan Agarwal, Neha Gupta, Taniya Chatterjee, Pooja Poddar, and many others will appear.

Episode 2 of the web series: Doraha Story

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Shekhar returns home for the first time in a very long time in the first episode of Doraha Part 2. Despite his family forgiving him for his error, Bharti Jha avoided him. Shekhar fell in love with Bharti Jha in his dream in the first episode, expecting that she would behave differently.

The people who created the scenario have greatly improved it by utilising numerous close-ups and putting the actors at comfortable. Later in the episode, Ruks Khandagale runs into Shekhar and recognises him as her former partner.

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The second episode of Doraha Part 2 featured flashbacks of Shekhar and Ruks Khandagale’s romance. After shots showed them on a boat and at a flea market, they had a s*xu@l encounter in a warehouse.

Ruks Khandagale and her husband Vivek can be seen sobbing in bed at the conclusion of the scene. Ruks Khandagale is coerced into a passionate relationship by Vivek because he believes this is the greatest method to communicate with her and that she is anxious about something.

Comments on the Doraha Part 2 Web Series and Reasons to Watch It

A crucial change has been made to Ullu App’s content approach. They are creating memorable and captivating stories and scenes. In their web series “Doraha Part 2,” Bharti Jha and Ruks Khandagale didn’t leave any room for speculation.

Similar to the Ullu web series, which starred Bharti Jha and Ruks Khandagale, the Doraha Part 2 web series is about the entire family. If Ullu kept producing quality content with such captivating scenes, that would be fantastic.

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