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US citizen Justin Mohn was arrested in Pennsylvania after allegedly killing his father, Michael

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The beheading video of Justin Mohn shocked the community and sparked questions about the details of the incident. After a horrifying incident that shook Levittown, Pennsylvania, Justin Mohn is accused of terrible and unfathomable behaviour. It is believed that Mohn beheaded his father before posting the gory footage to a since-deleted YouTube video.

The disturbing footage has left the community stunned and demanding answers. The neighbourhood is in shock after Justin Mohn, a resident of Levittown, Pennsylvania, is accused of a horrific deed. Many folks felt goosebumps down their spines after the occurrence. Mohn allegedly beheaded his father, Mike Mohn, on January 30 and uploaded the severed head to a violent YouTube video that has since been taken down.

The horrifying act has raised questions about the accused’s mental state and spurred conjecture about potential legal consequences. The YouTube video features Mohn’s unnerving tirade against President Joe Biden, illegal immigration, and the federal government before delving into the details of the horrific deed.

Justin Mohn Arrested

The footage takes a grisly turn when Mohn declares, “This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father.” He will now spend all of eternity in hell as a traitor to his country.

The bloodied head, which is carefully wrapped in a plastic bag, is then shown by him. shocking and shocking onlookers to no end. The graphic material of the video was immediately reported to the authorities, who verified that a person of interest was being detained. Even still, the identify of the individual has not been made public by the police while they carry out their inquiry.

Interestingly, Mohn’s name appears on YouTube and other social media platforms, indicating that the curtain of secrecy may not be as thick as it seems. As the community struggles to deal with the aftermath of the tragic occurrence, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether Justin Mohn is currently in jail and, if so, what charges he might be facing.

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Divyanshu Rajput
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