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Tony Pantano: Biography, Net Worth, and His Cause of Death

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Tony Pantano, Australia’s “King of Cabaret” and multi-award-winning performer, died this evening after a long battle with cancer. The former TV personality and stage artist will be greatly missed by everyone, especially the Italian community in Australia.

Tony Pantano was adored by the Italian and Australian communities, and his performances were frequently sold out. Tony has been performing nonstop since he was 15 years old, at weddings, engagements, nightclubs, TV shows, Sydney clubs, and on American and local cruise ships. Follow For More Updates at

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Tony Pantano is an Italian-born Australian musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. Tony Pantano was born in Messina, Italy, and his parents brought him to Australia in 1956.

Tony began singing and playing the slap bass with his father at local Italian dances and weddings when he was 12 years old. He formed Isy and the Dynamics, a pop band, when he was 15 years old. In 1965, Isy and the Dynamics released the single “One Night/Let Bygones Begone” on the In label.

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A wonderful man who was selfless, thoughtful, and dedicated to those he cared about. Tony had a very successful career in the entertainment industry, winning the “MO Award” for “Best Male Vocalist” a record-breaking thirteen times.

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All of this despite the fact that he never had the commercially successful recordings he deserved. He exemplified how genuine talent, tenacity, and professionalism can lead to a top-tier career. Anyone who is an immigrant and wants to work in the entertainment industry can now do so.

Not only did the music industry lose a legend, but also a beloved son, brother, father, father-in-law, uncle, grandfather, great-grandfather, partner, and friend. A man who was fortunate to have lived his life doing what he loved every day until the end. He died peacefully tonight, in prayer, surrounded by his family. Pantano succumbed to cancer. He leaves us with a prominent figure in Italian-Australian cabaret. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

When Pantano became the lead vocalist and bassist for the band Sammy and The Dolphins, his sound changed from pop to Latin American. Sammy and The Dolphins published The Dolphins, a single lengthy play.

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