Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Who Is Ayshatul Humaira Video Has Gone Famous on Social Media

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The singer’s name is Ajay Hooda, and he posted his song video online, which went famous due to the simple lyrics. When Ayshatul Humaira video went popular, many people created reels and short videos based on it, making it a trend.

This video of the girl grooving to the song with Hooda is going popular because both the singer and the girl appear to be enjoying the song. The singer posted the video online, in which he is seen singing on stage and the girl dancing to the song.

Who Is Ayshatul Humaira?

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On the other hand, the reel has received hundreds of likes and views. The little girl, on the other hand, is also on Instagram and has mesmerized the audience with her moves. In terms of the video, it was shared on the Instagram page of Ajay and Dishu, the little singer here. Ajay Hooda is seen performing in the video, while the little girl is dancing.

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The girl is making slaying moves while wearing a small yellow dress, a denim jacket, and a white hair band. There were also background dancers on the stage, in addition to the two. While it can be seen that the dancers are enjoying the dance as well as the girl who is lost in her dancing world. The video received over 84 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. This video has been shared and viewed by numerous channels. Latest Video

Ayshatul Humaira Popular Video

Speaking of the little girl seen dancing in the video, her name is Dishu Yadav, and she is seen grooving to the song. The girl has her own page where her parents post pictures and videos of her. The girl has over 468k followers and numerous pictures and videos of herself online. The girl has also appeared on YouTube and other social media platforms. Dishu, who is only two years old, enjoys dancing. While singer Ajay has over 1.2 million Instagram followers.

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