Monday, February 6, 2023

The Google House app displays the error “couldn’t attain”

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Many users of the Google House software have reportedly experienced “couldn’t reach” error messages when adding smart home devices.

Customers are unable to add additional devices as a result, which prevents the technique from finishing, according to 9To5Google. Follow For More Updates at

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The Google-owned Nest Cam and Nest Thermostat, as well as hundreds of other third-party devices built by other companies, can be controlled by the House software.

Normally, adding items necessitates connecting an account with another service, however at the moment, that procedure appears to be broken.

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The tech giant reportedly made more user interface (UI) changes earlier this month as its House software ramped up preview testing for its major revamp, but it also appeared to be breaking existing Assistant routines for some users. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

The previous page’s drop-down settings only enabled users to choose the on or off settings for each light or switch in their home; the new page, however, allows routines to manage many parameters of every device.

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